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Veronica de Nogales Leprevost, born in Barcelona, Spain in 1970, and Edwin Timothy Dam born in
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in the  same year, did not meet until an exhibition in 1997 with the Generalitat de
Barcelona.  Discovering that they shared and intense curiosity for life, for nature and for sculpting the relation
of man within it, they married and soon after began exhibiting their works together.  Naturally, over a short
while, it became increasingly difficult to distinguish the works of one from the other...Wishing never to promote
a separation of what they considered a singular union, they began to sculpt together, cosigning each work they
created.  Now, residing in Canada, they continue to work intensely together between both countries of birth.

Monuments, Urban Design and Public Sculpture
Because Cats Can't Fly - DowntownKitchener, ON, Region of Waterloo, 2018
Polar Passage - Oregon Zoo - Metro - Portland, Oregon, USA, 2017-19
Crossing Divides - All Wars Memorial – Chatham, ON, 2018
Pull of Hooves – (Combined Work with artist Floyd G. Elzinga), Port Dalusie, St. Catherines, ON, 2017
Walk of Christ -- Carroll College, Helena, Montana, USA 2017
In-Scope --  Li- Ka- Shing Center of Health, Innovation and Technology – U. of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, 2015
Generations  III – Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington, Ontario 2016
Generations II – Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington, Ontario 2015
Generations I – Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington, Ontario 2014
Under Cloud – Can Selles, Mataro, Spain, 2015
“Wait for Me, Daddy” – World War II Memorial -Hyack Square, New Westminster, BC, 2014
Monument to Sister Elisabeth – Fountain Monument – St. Elizabeth Villa, Hamilton, ON, Canada, 2013
Open Mind Stage – LandForm Sculpture Urban Design Project – Trinity, Tampa, FL, 201
Swale – Spirit Circle of Entrance to Lynnmouth Park, North Vancouver, BC, 2012
The  Passion  of Christ – St. Vincent de Paul  – Austin, Texas, 2012
Visage Romana –  Montornes del Valles, Barcelona, Spain,  2011
Connecting Spaces – Plaza de los Estados Unidos de America – Santa Caloma, Andorra, 2010
Monument to the Sisters of St. Joseph – CK Health Alliance – Chatham, ON, 2009
Pincellades del Temps – Sitges, Spain, 2008
Voice of the Land – Monument to Al Purdy – Queen’s Park, Toronto, ON, 2008  
Courage and Thunder — Calgary Stampede Gateway Sculpture - Calgary, AB, 2008
The Ride — Calgary, AB, 2008
The Long Ascent – Victoria Park, North Vancouver, BC, 2007
Echoes of the Iron Horse – Sculpture and Urban Design – Centre Square, Highgate, ON, 2007
De la Tierra – Fountainscape and Sculpture – Mickel Park, Ridgetown, ON, 2006
On the Heads and Shoulders of Giants  – Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research  – Univ. of Toronto,
ON, 2006
Spirit of Discovery — Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research – Univ. of Toronto, ON, 2005
Piazza Johnny Lombardi – Urban Design and Creation of Sculpture – Little Italy, Toronto, ON, 2004
Ráfaga UnLeashed – Hamilton Waterfront, Fed. Marine Life Discovery Centre – Hamilton, ON, 2004
Memorial to George F. Morris  – CK Health Alliance – Chatham, ON, 2004
The Passion – Stations of the Cross — St. Elizabeth Villa, Hamilton, ON, 2004
The Poet – Hoke Library, Jensen Beach, FL, USA 2002
Words towards Poesia – Bristol College, Fall River, MA, USA, 2001
The Wandering Brute – Lay Sculpture Park, University of St. Louis, MO, USA, 2001
Meditations over a Chair – Lay Sculpture Park, St. Louis, MO, USA, 2001
The Sculptor’s Palette – Yorkville – Toronto, ON, 2002
Spirit of the Woods -- El Espiritu del Bosque – Urus, Spain, 1999


2016 Galeria Tuset, Barcelona, Spain
2016 Koolen Fine Art, Stratford, ON
2015 Galeria Tuset, Barcelona, Spain
2014 Koolen Fine Art, Stratford, ON
2013 De Caballo y Bestia – Registradora Publica de Cultura,  Vallromanes, Barcelona, Spain*
2012 Koolen Fine Art, Stratford, ON
2012 Agora 3, Sitges, Spain
2011 Koolen Fine Art, Stratford, ON
2011 Agora 3, Sitges, Spain
2010 Espacios, -- A Decade of Public Sculpture -- Ajuntamiento de Vall Romanes, Barcelona, Spain*
2010 Koolen Fine Art, Stratford, ON
2009 Agora 3, Sitges, Spain
2009 Koolen Fine Art, Stratford, ON
2008 Agora 3. Sitges, Spain
2007 Agora 3, Sitges, Spain
2007 Galeria Tuset, Figuracion 06, Barcelona, Spain
2006 Agora 3, Sitges, Spain
2006 Galeria Tuset, Barcelona, Spain*
2005 Agora 3, Sitges, Spain
2005 Galeria Tuset, Figuracion 05, Barcelona, Spain
2004 Ann Arbour Art Expo, Ann Arbour, MI, USA
2004 Square One, Windsor, ON *
2004 Galeria Tuset, Figuració 04, Barcelona, Spain
2004 Peterson Fine Art, Toronto, ON*
2003 Galeria Tuset, Figuracion 03, Barcelona, Spain
2003 Mirari Gallery, Windsor, ON
2003 Peterson Fine Art, Toronto, ON
2002 ACWR Gallery, Windsor, ON*
2002 Mirari Gallery, Windsor, ON
2002 Peterson Fine Art, Toronto, ON*
2002 Gevik Gallery, Toronto, ON
2002  Art-in-Guelph, Guelph, ON
2002  Micheal Gibson Gallery, London, ON
2002 Galeria Tuset, Barcelona, Spain
2002 Jonathon Bancroft Gallery, London, ON
2001 “The Sculptor’s Palette” Peterson Fine Art, TO, ON*
2001 The Spell of the Sensuous Art-in-Guelph, Guelph, ON *
2001 “Spell of the Sensuous” ACWR Gallery, Windsor, ON*
2001 Gevik Gallery, Toronto, ON
2001 Jonathon Bancroft Gallery, London, ON
2001 Peterson Fine Art, Toronto, ON*
2001 Jordan Art Gallery, Jordan, ON
2001 Galeria Tuset, Barcelona, Spain
2001 ACWR Gallery, Windsor, ON*
2001 Toronto International Art Expo, Toronto, ON
2001 Jordan Art Gallery, Jordan, ON, Canada
2001 Galeria Tuset, Barcelona, Spain
2001 ACWR Gallery, Windsor, ON, Canada
2000 "Recent Works", Classic Art Gallery, Stratford, ON, Canada
2000 Gevik Gallery,  Toronto, ON, Canada
2000 Peterson Fine Art, Toronto, ON, Canada
2000 Micheal Gibson Gallery, London, ON, Canada
2000 The Thames Art Gallery, Chatham, ON, Canada
2000 "Power", Art-in-Guelph, Guelph, ON. Canada
2000 "Enchantment", WPL, Windsor, ON, Canada
2000 The Alley Cat Gallery, Chatham, ON, Canada
2000 The Carousel Gallery, Ridgetown, ON, Canada
2000 Galeria Granero, Brussels, Belgium
2000 Figuracio 2000-2001, Galeria Tuset, Barcelona, Spain
2000 Fira Internacional Art Expo, Barcelona, Spain
2000 25 Artistes Joves, Madrid, Spain
1999 "Palpitaciones desnudas", Galeria Tuset, Barcelona, Spain*
1999 Nou Arts, Club 9D, Barcelona, Spain
1999 Galeria d'art Mar, Barcelona, Spain
1999 Fira Internacional Art Expo, Barcelona, Spain
1999 "Sutilezas"  Sala d'Art Jove de la Generalitat" Barcelona, Spain
1999 Galeria Al Vent, Barcelona, Spain
1999 Ajuntamiento de Sitges, Sitges, Spain
1999 Jeunes Talents Catalans, Espace Miro, Maison de la Catalogne, Paris, France
1999 "La Figura Humana" Centre Civic Besos, Barcelona, Spain
1999 Galeria Granero, Brussels, Belgium
1998 "De danza, Tierra, y Aire", Rincon Artistico, Barcelona, Spain*
1998 Real Circulo Artistico, Barcelona, Spain
1998 Fira Internacional Art Expo, Barcelona, Spain
1997 "De Cuerpos y Almas" Univesidad de Bellas Artes de Barcelona, Spain*
1997 "De Corpore" Real Academia de Bones Lletres, Barcelona, Spain
1997 "De Cuerpos y Almas", Sala de Arte Lola Anglada, Barcelona, Spain*
1996 Real Circulo Artistico, Barcelona, Spain
1995 "Encuentros", Universidad de Bellas Artes" Barcelona, Spain
1994 Real Circulo Artistico, Barcelona, Spain
1992 Club Deportiva de Encamp, Andorra


B.F.A.  Universidad de Bellas Artes de Barcelona, Spain
B.A.     Philosophy and Literature, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Theory and Criticism, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada


2010         London International Virtuosa Design, Award of Excellence for CK Monument 2009
2008         World Health Organization, 2nd Prize–RefleX-Variola
               International Public Sculpture Design Competition –  Geneva, Switzerland
2006         Queen’s Park Commission Award—Toronto, ON
2006         Drawing/Image Design cover 326 page Handbook series for the World Organization against
               Torture (OMCT)  The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights
               and Fundamental Freedoms -  
2004         Hamilton Waterfront Pier 8—Commission Award-- Hamilton, ON, Canada
2000         First Commission Award, Brown Sculpture Court, Bristol College, Fall River, Boston, MA, USA
1999         First Prize in Sculpture, Nou Arts, Barcelona, Spain (veronica)
1998         Sculpture Prize, 11th Annual "Pere Jou" Competition, Sitges, Spain (Edwin)

1993-1996 Sculpture and Painting in Aid Centre for Drug Dependents, Barcelona, Spain
1998 Creativity Workshops for Children, Barcelona, Spain
1995-2000 Sculpture Workshops in a The Centre of Mental Health, Barcelona, Spain
2001 "Expressions" Sculpture Symposium -- Thames Art Gallery and Cultural Centre, Chatham, ON, Canada
2003-2006  Advisory Board  -- Thames School of Art -- St. Clair College, Chatham, ON, Canada
2008 Redeemer University, Sculpture Symposium
2011 Sculpture Symposium Laie, Alella, Barcelona, Spain

Selection of Collaborators, Partners and Subcontractors -- Public Art Projects
Quinn & Associates Landscape Design, Toronto – (Al Purdy Memorial)
Ferris & Associates Landscape Design, Toronto – (Johnny Lombardi Memorial, and Rafaga-Unleashed)
Sharp&Diamond Landscape Architects, Vancouver – (Swale, and Wait for Me Daddy)
EXP Services Inc. – Structural Engineering – (U of T Projects, Rafaga, Royal Botanical Gardens, The Long
CWMM Consulting Engineering – Vancouver – (Wait for Me, Daddy)
Ventana Construction – Vancouver – (Swale, Wait for Me Daddy)
CdM2 Lightworks – Vancouver – (Wait for Me Daddy)
Optics Lighting Agency – Edmonton (InScope, Li Ka Shing Centre, University of Alberta)
Fabmaster, Ridgetown, -- Stainless and Steel Fabrication – (Several)
Kube Steel – Stoney Creek, ON – (Rafaga Unleashed, Spirit of Discovery)
Floyd G. Elzinga – Artist (Pull of Hooves, Royal Botanical Gardens and Andorra Land Art Bienial)
Coopermill Bronze  – Zanesville, OH – (Rafaga, both U of T projects,  Al Purdy Memorial in Queen´s Park)
Eagle West, Vancouver, B.C (Swale, Wait for Me Daddy)
Ventana Construction, Vancouver, B.C. (Swale, Wait for Me, Daddy)
DMD engineering – Electrical design and engineering, Surrey, B.C. (Wait for me, Daddy)
Biographical information
Veronica de Nogales Leprevost was born in Barcelona, Spain in
1970.  Her intense interest in art an in nature began at an early age,
manifesting itself in drawings and paintings of nature and of wildlife,
which took her as far as the snowy wooded regions of Sweden.  In 1988,
in the University of Bellas Artes of Barcelona, she began to undergo an
anatomical shift towards the study of human body movement, rendered
not only through two-dimensional mediums of painting, etching and
drawing, but also through the third and fourth dimensions of sculpture
and of dance.  Recognizing her talent, the Provincial Gallery of
Catalunya, Spain offered her a solo sculpture exhibition, first in Spain,
and soon after honoured her works in Paris.  Her works were soon taken
on by galleries in Spain and Brussels.

Edwin Timothy Dam, of Dutch and Friesian descent and native of
Hamilton,  Ontario, Canada began his sculptural interest and
anatomical studies at McMaster University.  Two years later he
transferred to Calvin College of Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he
underwent a polar shift in his studies to art, philosophy and literature.  
After graduation, he passed a short stint in creative writing for the
Canadian magazine industry, before moving to Vancouver, B.C. where
he joined a clay studio.  It was here while self employed in the trades
that  he began to experiment with  larger structures of mixed medium,
concrete, steel, wood and aluminum.  But it was his move to Barcelona
which was monumental where during an exhbition he met Veronica.  
With her encouragement, he entered and placed second in  the Pere
Jou Sculpture Competition in Sitges, Spain, beginning he career as

Married after eight months, they began to exhibit together, and then
through the combination of strengths and passions, began to create
together.  Their joint works took on a new aurora and attracted  the
attention both of prominent galleries in Spain and of the media.  
Combining the abstract with the figurative, and iron with bronze, their
works increased in magnitude and in power.  Now all works are done
together, signed under the unified name
Dam de Nogales.    Together
in the winter of 1999, they erected their first permanent outdoor
El Espiritue del Bosque in Urus, a mountainous pueblo in
the north of Spain.  Later, that same year,  
Metamorphosis I and
Metamorphosis II went on public display in Barcelona, which was later
reinstalled in Italy.

Having sunk roots in Spain and the European art world, their move and
immigration to Canada, and taking of residence in southern Ontario,
though unexpected was not without reason.  Over and above their  
affinity to dance, literature, music and architecture,their intense
curiosity in nature, apparent in all of their works, almost predicted
settlement in a more tranquil  area.

In Septermber of 2001, they erected "
Words Towards Poesia", a
monumental work of bronze and steel, on the grounds of Bristol College,
Fall River, Massachusetts.  In October and January, they permanently
installed "
The Wandering Brute" and "Meditations over a Chair" on the
grounds of the Lay Sculpture Park of Louisiana, Missouri.  "
Sculptor's Palette
" now graces Hazelton street in the famous Yorkville of
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  In November of 2002, "
The Poet",
commissioned by Martin County, FL,  was  installed in front of the new
Hoke Library, of Jensen Beach, Florida, USA.

2003 and 2004   saw the Canadian unveilings  of the Johnny Lombardi
Memorial  Sculpture, in Little Italy, Toronto, and of Rafaga--Unleashed
at Pier 8 of the Hamilton Waterfront, Hamilton, Ontario,  and of  the  
George F. Morris Memorial Sculpture, in Chatham , Ontario, and of  the
Passion-- 14 Stations of the Cross  in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

2005-2006  saw the Unveilings of The Spirit of Discovery in Toronto,
Ontario and  "On the  Shoulders of Giants"  at the University of Toronto
as wekk as "Spirit of the Woods" in Ridgetown, Ontario.

2007 was celebrated the year of the Horse as the sculptors dedicated
themselves to three equestrian based works,  "Echoes of the Iron Horse"
for the main square of Highgate, Ontario,  "The Long Ascent" for
Victoria Park of North Vancouver, and a two works for  the Calgary
Stampede, Calgary, AB, installed in  2008.   December of 2007, the
sculptors through their studio in Spain unveilled   "Pincellades del
temps" in Sitges, Spain.

2008 also  saw the two  tonne monumental memorial to late poet Al
Voice of the Land,  installed in Queen's Park, next to the
Parliamentary Buildings, in Toronto, Ontario.  

In 2009, the sculptors installed  a work dedicated to the Sisters of St.
Joseph, upon the grounds of the Chatham General Hospital.

For 2010, yet another western sculpture was created for Andorra a
nation which is snuggled in the Pyrenees  between France and Spain. It
was created to stretch across the Plaza of the United States of America,
and the Plaza of the Immigrants.

Swale for the City of North Vancouver borrowed on our First Nations
traditions to result in a dynamic contemporary architectural work.

Since then, there has been another noticeable shift in their public
sculpture interventions, in that several works integrate lighting directly
into the works adding a night time ambiance in place-making projects.  
In 2014, The Wait for Me Daddy - WW2 Monument, became at one
time an abstract work of art at night while a  historic monument during
the day.  InScope (2015) for the U. of Alberta, has an interactive  life of
its own.  And
Blu-Under Cloud incorporates blu-tooth connectivity of
video projection and stereo sound interacting with the work, putting
many of the works at the cutting edge of todays art world.   Currently the
sculptors are working on another large scale A
ll Wars Memorial, another
set of  S
tations of the Cross,  The Open Mind Stage for Trinity School
for Children in Tampa, FL, USA, and yet another 4 horse equestrian
based work.  

They have covered a wide range of subject matter in their works.
Whether historical, monumental or contemporary public sculpture,
whether for churches, educactional institutions, or cities,  the sculptors
delve deeply into the subject matter and base their works in an intense
study of space and history, to create works that engage viewers of all
ages to create spaces of dialogue.  At one moment, they can be found
spinning molecules and protein structures, at another they are perusing
the pages of our nations poets;  often they  they partner  with architects,
urban designers, landscape architects, and structural engineers.  Their
combination of new technology with old world artistry has led to some
35 sculptures of Dam de Nogales which have become woven into our
social fabric.    
Read in Spanish -- Leer in espanol
Sitges, Spain, 2007  -- L'Eco -- Sitges, Spain
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