Dam de  Nogales                                        Sculpture
Words Towards Poesia

Bronze and Steel
9' x 3'2"x 3' 0"
Bristol College, Fall River, MA, USA
Dam de Nogales
Pu b l i c   Sc u lpt u r e  a n d  U r b a n   D e s i g n s
C o n t a c t
P r o c e s s
Up c o m i n g
P r e s s
P h i l o s p h y
Brown Sculpture Courtyard -- Bristol College, Boston, MA -- First Commission Award
Abstract books allude to profound impact yet fleetingness of word,  of the narrated story, of poetry, of books.  Books acid-engraved titles.. here, man/woman is
only composed of that which is absorbed, or experiences, in life or vicariously through the written word... grows out of his her experiences and knowledge.
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