Dam de  Nogales                            Public Sculpture
Wait for Me, Daddy
WW 2 Monument

Bronze and Stainless Steel
Incorporating Linear Lighting
4.6 m  x 5. mx  4.2 m
City Centre, NewWestminster, B.C., Canada
Dam de Nogales
Pu b l i c   Sc u lpt u r e  a n d  U r b a n   D e s i g n s
C o n t a c t
P r o c e s s
Up c o m i n g
P r e s s
P h i l o s p h y
Hyack Square, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada  -
unveiled Oct. 4th, 2014
A Sculpture based on the famous photo, Wait for Me, Daddy, by
Detloff, taken as Canadian Soldiers marched of to War., an image
which became iconic for Canada, as well as nations abroad.  The
Sculpture combines historical and contemporary elements to unite
the historical Hyack Square and the Historic District of
NewWestminster with the new Contemporary Anvil Centre across
the way.  Lighting Element incorporated directly into the work
changes hues over the evening hours.  The work which addresses  
all generations.  Contrary to other WW2 Monuments, this works
highlights the difficulties felt by the families, faced with lengthy
separation, and the not knowing of what the future holds...at the
same time the work is one of hope.    With the stainless steel
portions  executed through our Canadian Studio, and the bronze
figurative portions being created through our studio in Europe, it
seemed somewhat poetic that the soldiers could finally come
home. --  Dam de Nogales -  2014
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