The Passion
The Stations of the Cross
Detail of Station 1
The Condemnation
19" x 24"
Unique Work s  01/7
Dam de Nogales

Bishop A Tonnos Park

Hamilton, ON, Canada
Fourteen bronze High Relief Sculptures were created and installed at the Bishop A Tonnos Spiritual Retreat Park of Hamilton, Ontario.
They were commissioned by the Sisters of St. Elizabeth Home Society  Park Renovation.  Each design was created by Dam de Nogales.

Each relief is marked 1/7.  Six more original castings of the set will be created on commission over the life time of the sculptors but no two
will be commissioned for the same province or state.  

Copyright 2004- 2010 --  Dam de Nogales Inc. -- Veronica and Edwin Dam de Nogales.
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Station I -- The Condemnation of Christ
Station II -- Christ takes up the Cross
Station III -- Christ falls for the first time
Station IV -- Christ meets his mother
Station V -- Simon Helps Carry the Cross
Station VI -- Veronica wipes the face of Christ
Station VII -- Christ falls a second time
Station VIII -- Christ meets the women of Jerusalem
Station IX -- Christ falls a third time
Station X -- Stripping Christ of his Clothes
Station XI -- Christ is nailed to the Cross
Station XII --  Christ Dies on the Cross
Station XIII -- Christ is taken down from  the Cross
Station XIV -- The Rolling of the Stone
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