The Spirit of Discovery

Bronze and Stainless Steel
8 M x 4.5 M x 4.0 M
Unique Work
Dam de Nogales

University of Toronto
Donnelly Centre of Cellular
and Biomolecular Research
Toronto, ON, Canada
Location: University of Toronto -- DCCBR
College St. 1/2 Block West of University
(Queen's Park)
Toronto -- Ontario -- Canada -- Public

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Veronica and Edwin Dam de Nogales.
Finishing Touches July 2005
Dam de  Nogales                        Sculpture and Urban Design
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Sculpture inspired by the ribbon-like form of a protein structure (insulin).   Human form in harmony and synchronicity with the abrstact
representational form of the protein structure.  University of Toronto.  Work joins the historic architecture of the existing building with the
new contemporary centre of research.

Category: Public Sculpture, Art inspired by Health, Science and Art, Bronze Art, Stainless Steel Form