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Under Hoof - 60 inch x
50 Inch x 8 inch deep
Horse Relief
Angel of Tides
Design for the front
of a boat
Private Collection
Toronto, Ontario
Cathedral of Souls
Guelph, ON
The Nest
Private Collection
Barcelona, Spain
The Sculpture Gallery contains a  sample of works of a smaller
scale,  the majority of which have been executed for corporate
or private collections, galleries, exhibitions, or maquettes.  Some
many be available.  Many have been part of exhibitions in
Europe and North America.

Samples of
Portrait Work are in a different Section.

For  Grand-scale Contemporary Sculpture, refer to
Public Works and Urban Design .
First Nations
Delaware Tribe
Portrait Work
Bronze Sculpture
Commissioned Work
First Nations
Bronze Sculpture

Private Collection,
Mataro, Spain
Dam de  Nogales                        Sculpture and Urban Design