Dam de  Nogales     --     Sculpture
Sculpture and Urban Design
Upcoming Exhibitions or Unveilings
Public Sculpture  --Escultura Publica -- Urban Design
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The Wandering Brute -- El Bruto Errante
St. Louis University -- Lay Sculpture Park
Words Towards Poesia
-- Bristol College, Fall River, MA, USA
Meditations Over a Chair
-- St Louis University -- Lay Sculpture Park
Louisiana, MO, USA
The Poet
Hoke Public Library -- Jensen Beach, FL, USA
El Espiritu del Bosque --
Spirit of the Woods -- Urus, Spain and
Ridgetown, Ontario
The Sculptor's Palette -- Toronto, ON
Private Collection -- On Public Display
Collecion Privada
The Passion -- 14 Stations of the Cross
St. Elizabeth Spiritual Park -- Hamilton, ON, Canada
Rafaga--Unleashed --
Hamilton Waterfront Pier 8 --
Hamilton Waterfront Trust, Ontario, Canada
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The Johnny Lombardi Memorial Piazza -- Little
Italy, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tribute to George F. Morris
Chatham-Kent Hospital, Chatham, Ontario, Canada
Spirit  of Discovery
University of Toronto,  ON, Canada
On the  Shoulders of Giants
University of Toronto  --  Donnelly Centre for
Cellular and Biomolecular Research --
Toronto, Canada --
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Echos of the Iron Horse -- Sculpture and Urban
--Center Square, Highgate, ON, Canada
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Dam de Nogales Inc.
Voice of the Land -- Tribute to Al Purdy
Queen's Park -- Toronto -- Ontario, Canada,
The Long Ascent
Victoria Park --North Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Pincellades en els Temps --
Sitges,  Catalunya, Spain
Public Sculptures in Process
Plaza America
Samples of Dam de Nogales
Public Sculpture / Urban Design
Courage and Thunder
The Calgary Stampede-- Calgary, AB, Canada
The Ride
The Calgary Stampede-- Calgary, AB, Canada
Monument to the Sisters of St. Joseph
Chatham Kent Health Alliance, Chatham, Ontario
Visage Romana
Montornes del Valles, Barcelona, Spain --
The Open Mind Stage
-- Land Form Sculpture - Urban
Design Work
Trinity -- Tampa, FL, USA
Samples of Bronze
Portrait Sculptures
Projects and Ideas
Selection of  ideas
yet to be actualized at full scale
(Models and Maquettes)
LynnMouth Park, North Vancouver, B.C.
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The Passion of Christ Bronze
Stations of the Cross
St. Vincent de Paul, Austin,Texas
Wait for Me Daddy -- WW2 Monument --
NewWestminster, BC, Canada
Tribute to Sister Elizabeth
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Generations (I) (II) (III)
The International Sculpture Collection
Burlington, ON, Canada
InScope -- Li KaShing Centre of Health
Research and Technology - U of Alberta,
Edmonton, AB,  2015
Wait for Me Daddy -- WW2 Monument --
NewWestminster, BC, Canada
Blu-Under Cloud Can Selles, Mataro, Spain, 2016
Embedded Video and Sound Art
Can Selles, Mataro, Barcelona, Spain
Polar Passage -- The Melting Ice Bear - and two
other stories -  
Oregon Zoo -- Portland, OR, USA, 2019
Because Cats Can't Fly -- Kitchener, Waterloo, ON
Market Street ION Stop .. 2018