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Competition  Placement:  Short Listed 3 of 75 Submissions
International Competition held by Arts Commission of Toledo, Ohio
Final Decision: 2nd Place
5m x 3 m x 4 m
over stone Urban Design

Figure: 140% Natural Size
Bronze and Stainless Steel Sculpture
Urban Design of Stone Keyboard Spiral
Night Lighting Changing Hues over 10 hour

Registered Urban Design and Sculpture
Copyright 200
8-2012 - Dam de Nogales
Status:  Available for Commission
Model Existing
Category: Public Sculpture Monument,  Jazz Monument, Al Purdy, Afro-American Hero, Jazz Pianist,  Large Scale Bronze, Figurative, Monumenta, Contemporary Sculpturel -- Copyright 2011 Dam de Nogales, Inc.
Dam de  Nogales                        Sculpture and Urban Design
Please Contact the sculptors for more Information, availability to commission this
Sculpture for your City or Organization.  Full details available, or simply to respond
or post your remarks.  Thank you.
Edwin and Veronica Dam de Nogales
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